Choei Chom is natural mineral water to international market

  • Organization objective during year 2017-2019
  • Increase local distribution channels and distribute with in ASEAN countries.
  • Increase advertising and public relation channels.
  • Create distribution channel network.
  • Cooperation for social responsibility (CSR)


Choei Chom is natural mineral water to international market

  • Continue developing products to meet the consumers needs.
  • Create brand awareness and market acceptance.
  • Expand distribution channels to cover local areas and overseas.
  • Focus on building social responsibility.

Market opportunities and business trend

Health care trend of people is still strong and is going to continue. People are now even more conscious in choosing what they consume and drinking water is one way to have good health, cheaply and easily. Various media such as television or magazines related to health often have articles about the importance and benefits of water towards health recommending a consumption of at least 8 glasses of water a day.

100% natural mineral water under the brand name Choei Chom the packaging is a clear plastic bottle (PET). There are 3 sizes to choose from 350 ml. , 600 ml. , 1500 ml. and can be sold at a price close to that of plain water. The mineral water it’s pure, good taste, can be kept long changing the quality there are 11 minerals and is the only produced in the three southern border provinces.